A Pole Dance Studio


I have never tried Pole Dancing before where should I start?

Most people are very nervous when attending class for the first time. They don’t know what to expect and a lot of people think that they can’t do pole because they have no strength. But guess what we all started off in the same boat. Don’t worry if you haven’t exercised in years, you’re overweight, or you think you’re too old. Pole Dance is for everyone all age’s, sizes and fitness levels.
Our Instructors are extremely friendly and welcoming and once you step into class you will forget any worries you had and have a great time.

What do I wear?

We recommend wearing normal gym wear for all of the fitness classes (such as ABT, Splits, Cardio). Sneakers are optional.


For Pole Classes and Courses shorts are preferred, and the shorter the better as you need your skin to grip the pole. Our instructors all teach classes bare foot but if you love to wear those sparkly shoes by all means you are more then welcome to wear them.

How many people to a class?

All classes have a maximum of 11 students.

I have trained at another studio how do I know what level to jump into?

We offer assessments for students coming from other studios. An assessment costs $10, it takes around about 15mins and it involves an Instructor assessing you on certain tricks and combos to determine the best level to start you in. Please bear in mind all studios are different with different levels so don’t be upset if you get put into a lower level.

Can I still attend class if I am late and miss the warm up?

No, for saftey reasons you will be turned away if you turn up to class after the warm up has been completed. We ask that you try to arrive 5 mins before your class starts to ensure you are not turned away.

What happens if I can’t make my booked class?

We have an 8hr Cancellation policy. If you cancel your class before the 8 hours your class will go back onto your account so that you can re-book for another time. If you do not cancel 8 hours before your class you will lose your booked class.